Botanica European Tour dates - April 2002

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Now available in finer record stores across the US: 16 Horsepower's "Hoarse", a live album (recorded in Denver and Paris) that captures the grace and power of this incendiary group of musicians. Ass Pony's "Lohio", the follow-up to the critically-acclaimed "Some Stupid With A Flare Gun". The Silos "Laser Beam Next Door", a new set of songs by Walter Salas-Humara that have the power to transform and transcend.

New MP3s: Ass Ponys and 16 Horsepower mp3s have been posted! Check out "Donald Sutherland" and "Dried Up" from Lohio and "For Heaven's Sake" from Hoarse.


Special Deals (for a limited time only): You can order the Ass Ponys' package: both cds "Lohio" and "Some Stupid With a Flare Gun" for only $20. We also have the Silos' package: the Silos' new CD and poster "Laser Beam Next Door" and cd/poster "Heater" for $20. You can't beat that! Order now. Also Available:

"Torture" by everyone's favorite father and son duo, The Spanic Boys. "Torture" is another ripping roots-rock excursion... Though the music on "Torture" is typically percolating Spanics rock 'n' roll, the songs themselves are darkly affecting..." (--Chris Morris, Billboard) Order now

"Laser Beam Next Door", the release from The Silos. Revolver applauds: "The Silos as a power trio? Compared with the rootsy reveries of albums past, Laser Beam Next Door delivers a wake-up slap of fuzztone guitar over a whipcrack rhythm section. Remaining constant within this ever-evolving band, is the bittersweet impressionism of Walter Salas-Humara, whose laconic vocals and bareboned melodies compliment musical epigrams of hardboiled spirituality. where 1998's Heater was more of a revelation, the stripped down riffing of this follow-up should kick start this band on the road." -- Don McLeeseOrder now

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